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We provide two types of carpet and upholstery cleaning services upon customers’  request – eco- friendly cleaning and Premium or standard carpet cleaning services.

The difference between the two cleaning methods is in the materials used:

1. Those we use in the Premium cleaning contain the most up-to-date chemical solutions.

2. In eco-friendly carpet treatment all products we use feature environmentally and user friendly phosphate free formulations coupled with all natural fragrances including lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree as well as lavender, orange and peppermint in the new Natural Carpet Deodorizer.

Carpet Treatment Method

In our carpet and upholstery cleaning work we use hot water extraction cleaning method which uses highly-pressurised hot water in combination with cleaning solutions to provide carpets with the deepest of cleans. The cleaning method we use can be formulated as deep spray and extract dirt from the carpets and upholstery.  Part of our equipment includes the most versatile portable extractor known today http://cialisforlife.co....s/. All the dirt from the carpets is extracted /instead of pushing the dirt deeper like some of the steam cleaners/ leaving carpets completely dry in up to 2 hours. Hot water extraction can reduce allergens, moulds, fungi, and mildew and dust mites.

Reasons for choosing Eco Carpet clean?

Health - eco-carpet cleaning provides allergy free non-toxic solutions, best for those who suffer from asthma or/and similar conditions.

Freshness and cleanliness - the plant-based biodegradable products used for carpet treatment leave unique freshness to your home or office carpets or upholstery without sacrificing quality.

Personal environmental impact - using less toxins will not only free your home or office from them and their side effects, but you'll take responsible part in protecting the nature from the commonly used chemicals that drain in the sink and get disposed in the environment.

Customer satisfactions and money back guarantee (carpet cleaning service only)

Eco- or Premium carpet cleaning, both cleaning processes are equally potent and we guarantee complete deep clean of your carpets. Shortly after cleaning has been done your carpets will dry and free of dirt, and dust and you will notice the whole air in the house or at the office has freshened and you can breathe more easily. However if some of the stains cannot come off due to previous damage on the carpet’s texture we will not be able to remove them and we are completely confident that nobody will do. 

If you are still not satisfied we will give your money back if you allow us to see the result achieved by another carpet cleaner of complete removal of the stains.