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Eco Clean Home offers a high standard commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services to small and medium sized companies in Surrey, Grater London and London. We offer both eco-carpet and premium carpet cleaning services to offices, factories, banks, show rooms, public houses, church halls, doctors and dental surgeries, schools and colleges and many more https://rxcare.co..k/.
We are flexible in our work, customising our commercial cleaning service to the client’s requirements. To ensure every client is satisfied with the job done we can work outside normal office hours, including weekends and statutory holidays.

In our work we use the most up-to date carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment and materials, working devotedly to meet and exceed our clients’ highest standards.

For commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning we charge per square meter.


We guarantee complete deep clean of your carpets. Shortly after cleaning has been done your carpets will dry and free of dirt, and dust and you will notice the whole air in the house or at the office has freshened and you can breathe more easily. However if some of the stains cannot come off due to previous damage on the carpet’s texture we will not be able to remove them and we are completely confident that nobody will do. If you are still not satisfied we will give your money back if you allow us to see the result achieved by another carpet cleaner of complete removal of the stains.

If you are interested in booking a professional commercial carpet clean call us on
07766 000 845 (24/7) or 01932 269968 (for London & Greater London area) or book a service online and we will contact you as soon as possible.